TPR insole silicone sports shoe inserts
TPR insole silicone sports shoe inserts
TPR insole silicone sports shoe inserts
TPR insole silicone sports shoe inserts

TPR insole silicone sports shoe inserts

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Ashour shoes size chart for men



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For Ashour's Shoes models that do not have the half size available, we suggest you to add 1 extra size.

Regular price $26.35 Sale price$17.00 Save $9.35
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  • Comfortable >: ergonomically design with ball of foot padding to improve cushioning, reinforced arch to support feet and deep heel cup to maximum comfort and stability.
  • Honeycomb Design for Shock Absorption >: Unique honeycomb inserts in the heel and forefoot effectively absorb the impact of each step to reduce stress and fatigue.
  • Material>: constructed with a lightweight silicone gel, the durable insoles are resilient, retaining their shape without flattening for extensive wearability. Easily removable, the flexible insoles are washable for added convenience.
  • Suitable for a variety of shoes >: versatile suitable for athletes and fitness professionals who are looking for an easy way to keep going,or need to stand for a long time,including nurses,doctors,teachers,servicemen,chefs and more
  • Customizd fit>: easily trimmed to fit foot size, three sizes, you can choose the size you need and cut to suitable size using scissors.Tip: Take your old insoles out and cut the new ones to the same shape; don't try to cut them along the lines on the insoles.


Material : TPR
Suitable for shoes: universal
Style : General
Insole function: suction / wicking insoles
Insole color: non-slip
Insole category : whole insole
Applicable gender: neutral / male and female
Applicable age: General
Product Category :Insole

Large size
The length is about 32cm,
The width of the forefoot is about 9.5cm.
Heel width is about 8.5cm

Medium Size
The length is about 28cm,
The forefoot is about 9cm wide.
Heel width is about 7cm

Small code
The length is about 24.5cm,
The forefoot width is about 8.5cm.
Heel width is about 6.5cm







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Add half a size to the number indicated in the table. For Ashour models that do not have the half size available, we suggest you to add 1 extra size.
Just one more tip: the single buckle and double buckle models may not be as comfortable for a foot with a high neck or wide sole.

A VERY SKINNY FOOT? Take a size less than the number indicated in the table. Click Here

For all laceless models, loafers included, try to buy a heel saver to put in your shoe: it will help you find your comfort.


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