Sport Insoles Are Breathable And Cushioned For Men top quality Shoes inserts - Ashour Shoes
Sport Insoles Are Breathable And Cushioned For Men top quality Shoes inserts - Ashour Shoes
Sport Insoles Are Breathable And Cushioned For Men top quality Shoes inserts - Ashour Shoes

MassageBean Cushioned Sports Insoles - Athletes Running Insoles

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The MassageBean Sports insole, is the exact type of insole used by World-Class Athletes! 

Experience top notch comfort with the MessageBean Athletic running insoles, those sports insoles are fitted with top of the link shock absorbent to keep you running for longer with increased comfort and zero compromise to ease of movement 

Features at a glance:

✔️Our sports shoe inserts are Podiatrist Approved
✔️Relieves and Eliminate Feet & Knees Pain
✔️Innovative Metatarsus Cushion to relieve foot pressure and fatigue
✔️Enhanced high arches support for Flat Feet
✔️Reinforced U-shaped Heel Support to prevent Heel Pronation
✔️Ultimate Breathable and Lightweight Material

 How does our sports insoles help?

  • 1. Ball of Foot
    Improves cushioning and distributes pressure through push-off
  • 2. Reinforced Arch Support 
    Mid-sole reinforcement improves transition of weight from landing to push-off to match the unique needs of your running stride
  • 3. Deep Heel Cup
    Absorbs impact with every step

Why does our Sports insoles work?

  • As you run, the foot can be subject to the shock of 2-3 times your body weight with every step. Over time, this repetitive impact can cause painful injuries like runner’s knee, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.
  • Our Running insoles reduce shock, which helps reduce the wear and tear on your feet and legs and helps prevent common running injuries.


Here's what one of our customers said:

"I have had foot pain off and on for the past three years while running. The last year however, has been constant. I have tried numerous other inserts as well as expensive shoes; needless to say, none of them were very helpful with my pain. I heard about the MassageBean inserts from a friend and decided why not give it a try. Within three days I noticed a significant decline with my pain. I have been using them for about 6 weeks and I can say I have very little, if any, pain on a daily basis. I have now purchased 4 pairs and they work like a charm with any shoes i fit them in"

Main material: PU, flannelette
Suitable shoes: casual shoes/board shoes/sports shoes, etc
Features: comfortable, breathable, pressure-resistant shock absorption
Insoles: solid color

Size Information :

Size :36-39

Packing list:

The insoles * 1 pair

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